Align with your greatness and go Big!

Join me for the 3-day exclusive Inner Game Retreat – align your inner game with greatness!

Exclusive Inner Game Retreat in the Algarve, 18 -19- 20 April

Ik ben Ibora Zafira

Ik nodig je uit in mijn Manifesting Villa in de Algarve (Portugal) for a transformational Inner Game Retreat — 3 days of Inner game work and alignment.

Setting you up for success!

Get a 6-figure attitude

Set your Mind up for SUCCESS

Design your life for ABUNDANCE

Why you want to head to

the Algarve and join the 3-day deep dive

of the Inner Game Retreat…

To align with the best version of yourself and your Soul Purpose.

Owning your greatness and stepping into your power.

 Deciding that you will never play small again and show up in the world the way you always dreamed of. 

Once you see the big picture and align with it — magic happens.

Feel more confident and decide how things go for you from now on. 

Become Unstoppable …

Write your own rules and develop a kick-ass mindset.

Choose only the Best and receive new outcomes.

We will get next level and align you completely with the Best life Possible.


I know you’ve got big dreams.

So I’ve created exactly what you need to get BIG RESULTS!

I’m going to show you the heart of
your business and turn it into a BIG Success.

Get Inspired

Know that from now on anything you set you mind to is possible for you. Have the confidence and determination to get things done.

Get Empowered

Step into your greatness and own it. Become the best version of yourself and integrate it into every fiber of your being, and in your daily actions. You will see the change immediately!

Get Equipped

Align with your strongest qualities, your biggest dream, and your Soul Purpose and see life unfold with much more ease and flow.

You will never be the same again. Be and Live your greatest Life…

To reach your greatest goals you must take Big Leaps.

I promise you that this Leap will bring you the best results. 

Exclusive Inner Game Retreat in the Algarve, 18-19-20 April


For coaches & healing professionals

join my INNER GAME

3 days of intimate masterminding met Ibora Zafira – setting you up for success!

I am Ibora Zafira

Hypnose Expert & Soul Business Coach

I am the missing link for a lot of soul entrepreneurs. I combine soul business coaching with inner game work and Soul Purpose. That makes me unique in my field. With my proven Anti-Sabotage method® I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to release their self-sabotage mechanisms and live the life they deserve. I believe that if you dream bigger, you will go bigger. It is my mission to help Soul Entrepreneurs like you to live the Abundance and Freedom lifestyle of their Dreams.  


I have designed my business so that it fits perfectly with my desired lifestyle. I wouldn’t have it any other way.          🙂 My secret? I’ll teach you!

I only work with Highly Motivated, Ambitious and Driven Soul entrepreneurs, who have a big passion for what they do and a GREAT desire to CHANGE THE WORLD.  You are bursting with creative ideas, your ideas and plans are a bit wild and you dare to dream BIG – BIGGER – BIGGEST! 

The only thing you don’t seem to have figured out is how to get into alignment with that Greatest Version of yourself. How you can actually pull it off and start living that dream today! 

You have come to the right place babe! I’m your Soul Shaker, your Inner Game Deep Dive instructor and the Soul Business Coach that is going to guide you to that Great Big Dream, help you take charge of your life and start making your Dreams a Reality!

Let’s go on this journey!
Ibora Zafira

Such a retreat is magical and gives you so much!

My business has finally taken shape. I now know exactly what I can do with it and how to have a bigger revenue. That is really priceless.

– Esther Perez-Vink, Medium

“I wish I could download your brains!”

Thank you Ibora for a special learning process that really makes me happy! I am very grateful to you for everything you have taught me! 😘

– Jennifer Lemon, Trauma & Burn-out Therapist

Once you have taken this step, there is no turning back.

Ibora you helped me to let go of my saboteurs completely. I am so very grateful to you Ibora for the insights, practical tools, and your healing powers.”

– Ilse Supply, Storytelling influencer

Are you ready to go big!! Do you need to overcome your self-doubt, and finally defeat those fearful demons

With my Anti-Sabotage method ® we are going to root up those fears and unsupporting beliefs so that they will never hold you back again. Break with bad habits and overcome your limitations.

so your Business can flourish and you can Rise Up.

kick ass
No more hiding in mediocrity or behind apologies. Turn up in your own life. Get out of your shell and into the light of your True Self. Be determined to rise.


You are ready for the next level. And what you need is this; breaking free from old habits, stop your negative beliefs, tune into your greatest qualities and the tools to keep your inner game aligned with your Soul Purpose.

Stop with keeping yourself small, and allow yourself to go BIG! 

Break the patterns of self-sabotage and don’t let anything stop you anymore!

Own your greatness and say goodbye to mediocrity. 

Align your business and lifestyle with Abundance and start earning what you deserve.

YES, I am in
book your ticket here

You will have the unique opportunity to work with Ibora personally, which normally would cost 500 euro per session. Now you have fully access to her and her proven methods for 3 whole days. 


… and you need all the fibers of your being align with the greatest version of yourself and start believing in it so much that there is no other possibility than to succeed in all your desires…

Normally the Price for this retreat is €2499,- ex tax

NOW SPECIAL OFFER for €1599,- ex tax

Flights & location


Includes:  3 days of intensive transformation with Ibora 

  • anti-sabotage sessions
  • quantum hypnose 
  • transformation sessions
  • personal coaching 


Not included: 

  • accommodation
  • flights to the Algarve and back*
  • breakfast and dinner

You can book those separately through our partners, we will give you al the details after your booked your details.


* Arrival on Friday and departure on Monday after the retreat.

Let me break it down for you …

You are afraid of Failure. But if you never try you will never get anywhere...

Afraid what people might say, how they will treat your differently or that you will make a complete fool of yourself if you try… That is the voice of fear… and something I’m going to teach you not to listen to anymore. Failing is good! It means you are trying …

The thought of being really successful scares you...

That great big responsibility that comes with being successful scares you more than the actual Freedom and Abundance you are going to get once you become SUPER successful. Isn’t it time to start living a life you truly desire instead of fearing it?

You don’t really want to stand out and be visible…

You are keeping a low profile so you won’t have to deal with criticism, not only from others but mainly the critical opinion you have about yourself. Shussshh that voice inside of you and Proof to yourself that it is AMAZING to be YOU.


You are keeping yourself small

From childhood you have gathered a lot of BS information and experiences that have lead you to believe this world is scary and dangerous and you should play it safe. You are still stuck in that ‘little girl’ mindset. Grow out of it and RISE to the woman you are today!

You are not claiming what you are really worth...

The prices you ask for your great work, time, and energy is peanuts. You are scraping by because you have an internal mindset that you are ‘not good enough’ or that you are ‘not worth-it’. Once you align with your greatness it will become easy to claim what you are really worth!

At the Inner Game Retreat in the Algarve we are going to build up your confidence from the inside out. In this magical place, you will rediscover your True Value, your life mission and get rid of all obstacles that are blocking your Success. 

After this 3-day retreat you will be Full of Energy. You will be all fired up in your life and in your Business, Ready to go Big! 

You’re going to the Algarve, baby!!!!

Exclusive Inner Game Retreat in de Algarve,  18-19-20 April

Join me for this 3-day exclusive Inner game Retreat – setting you up for success!

… in de Algarve, Portugal