Follow your soulpath, for it holds the key to your true purpose and the magic of your existence.
Follow your dreams; wanting more is valid.
Step into the spotlight of your own life with boldness, and watch the world take notice of your brilliance.

Hear the Call

I am Ibora, a soulful entrepreneur, with multiple successful businesses and a portfolio of thriving properties. My life is a testament to the power of purpose, as I weave its essence into every venture I undertake.

In the realm of business, I dance to the beat of my heart, trusting the whispers of my intuition to lead me towards inspired decisions. With a profound connection to my SoulPurpose, I nurture impactful enterprises that align with my authentic self.

In the tranquil embrace of my dream villa, I embrace the beauty of living life on my terms, reflecting the essence of purpose-driven abundance. My story is a testament to the power of believing in oneself and following the call of the soul. Let us walk this path together, embracing the magic of purpose, and crafting lives that leave a profound mark on this world.

I ignite dreams, guiding you to your desires.

Blessed with Beloved Doggies:  Amsterdam and Algarve

Amidst Amsterdam’s allure and the serenity of Portugal’s Algarve, I live with my beloved doggies, feeling truly blessed. Each day, their love and companionship remind me of life’s simple joys and the beauty of the world around me.

Embracing Passion: Speaker, Teacher, Coach

As a speaker, teacher, and coach, I embark on a journey of inspiration, empowering individuals to unlock their true potential. Guided by unwavering love for what I do, I delve into each endeavor with boundless enthusiasm, creating transformative experiences that resonate deeply with both my audience and myself. 

But,  It wasn’t always like this..

I once stood at the precipice of nothingness, a blank canvas awaiting the strokes of my dreams. In those moments of uncertainty, I knew I had to carve my own path, to manifest the life and business I yearned for.

Harnessing my quantum powers, I embarked on a journey of transformation, stepping into a new identity as a conscious creator. With simple yet potent business strategies, I tirelessly painted the masterpiece of my life.

Wherever you are right now,

I believe you will emerge stronger.

The Universe has a plan for you.


Your Soul Purpose is ready for you!

I’m here to guide you with all my Love,

I believe, live, and thrive by these empowering principles..


Embrace the quantum truth that you are here on this earth for a profound reason. Your talents align with the universe’s grand design, crafting your SoulPurpose, waiting to be unleashed.


As you connect with the quantum realm, your inner compass becomes a guiding force. Follow the path your heart desires, the path your soul intended, and witness the magic of synchronicity and flow in every step.


Quantum principles reveal that success is not mere magic; it’s a dance of strategy, alignment and action. Master the quantum strategies, and as an enlightened entrepreneur, manage money, time, and business affairs with precision.


For visionary entrepreneurs like you, a Quantum Money Mindset and aligning with the abundance frequency are paramount. Embrace the quantum field of prosperity, and watch abundance manifest effortlessly in your life.


Embrace the power of quantum liberation to break free from self-sabotage. Dissolve karmic ties, negative thinking, and the chains of the past that hinder your Purpose. Transform into an unstoppable, focused (love) Warrior, fearlessly pursuing your dream life with boundless passion!