'Unlock Your Quantum Powers' Masterclass (ENGLISH)

January 24th  at 16.00 


the secret to discovering your true potential!

Unlock Your Quantum Powers with Quantum Jumping

Jump to a timeline, a reality where you are a successful, happy, healthy and a rich person, with the help of Quantum Jumping. It's a simple, yet very powerful technique to alter your reality.

In this Masterclass you will learn....


How to Activate Your Quantum Powers. There is actually a way for you to become more powerful, energized and influential—without having to add even more to your to-do list



The 3 essential steps of Quantum Jumping. To  rhe resources, people & skills you need to live a remarkable life and make a greater difference in the world.


You’ll experience a meditation and visualization technique that allows you to take a Quantum Leap into other parallel realities. 


Love, joy and harmony is always within, bet because you are in the mind most of the time you are not able to feel it, to experience it. I’ll teach how to connect to heart and higher your frequency.

This Masterclass is for you if you …

You’ll be able to use the untapped power of your mind to ‘leap’ into alternate universes, and visit alternate versions of yourself who already have all the talents, skills, knowledge and experience you desire.

Hi, I’m Ibora Zafira

 I’m the Soul Business coach from the Netherlands. I have created a very successful business, live in a villa in Portugal and travel all around the world to live my Soul Purpose. My expertise is to bring more Soul and Purpose into your business and at the same time align you with ABUNDANCE and be the most SUCCESSFUL version of yourself. With the unique combination of soul business strategies, and inner and higher game, I have transformed the lives of 1.2K+ soul entrepreneurs and now it’s your chance.

And just like you, I once didn’t know anything about this method – this method has been transformational for me. With unlocking my Quantum Powers, I unlocked the highest level of Impact & Freedom.

I promise, it is epic!!



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